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Client Testimonials


"Your nutrition guidance and workout program changed my life. My trip was incredible because I felt so confident in the dreaded bathing suit. I'm a client for life. Take all my money. I'm never leaving you!"

~ Lara J.



"Marcus has been beyond amazing to work with. Starting out, it was a struggle for me to get motivated.  With the help of Marcus I was able to understand how to eat without removing the things I loved and toning up all while living life on the road. Marcus provided so much support and great advice. I look forward to working with him again in the future! Thank you, Marcus!"


~ Leah F.



"Marcus is absolutely FANTASTIC, a true professional! Since the beginning of the program, he has worked with me each step of the way towards my goals. He provides access to so many resources, including himself. If you're serious about your fitness goals, Marcus is the way to go - he'll get you there!"


~ Suhani P.

"It was a pleasure to work with Marcus who is extremely knowledgeable about fitness/health. He was always available for any of my questions/concerns. For many people, weight issues can bring a lot of shame but Marcus was nothing but encouraging and supportive. I would give him 6 out of 5 stars."

~ Sarah W.

"[Marcus is] seriously the best trainer out there."

~ Sue S.

"I'm all about this program. This is the first time in a long time where I've felt good, been able to manage my eating, been able to (within reason) eat the foods that I want, and have been progressively getting stronger."

~ Sara F.

"Working with Marcus has been great. I went to him for help with weight loss. He is always willing to provide advice and always encouraging. He tailors your plan to you which is amazing. I would recommend Marcus to anyone who needs help with weight loss and exercise plans."

~ Jennilee G.

"I'm so grateful for your help these last 5 months, Marcus!...I LOVE my new workouts you put together for me....What you've helped me find is a healthy lifestyle plan that isn't a diet, but something that I can maintain with freedom forever. Thank you!!!"

~ Jill H.

"Honestly, I've changed a lot since I met you. Changes in everything. First in mindset, then my body also changed, my habits, my lifestyle....I got so many things from fitness and from your coaching. If I look back, it seems unbelievable."

~Marissa J.

"Marcus far exceeded my expectations of an online fitness coach and I recommend working with him if you want a positive, motivational coach. He was available whenever I had a question about my nutrition and fitness program and provided me with valuable and credible information - not just what I wanted to hear....I actually saw results in just a few weeks, and have continued to see results months after. being a busy mom of two with a demanding traveling job I was impressed Marcus was able to adapt my workouts and nutrition plan to make it work for me!"

~ Sarah L.


"Working with Marcus has been a complete learning experience. Not only did he help me to relearn how to eat in a way that is sustainable and still enjoyable but he also helped me work towards fat loss/muscle gain through exercises that made me feel stronger and more confident. Marcus was always there to answer any questions I had and did an AWESOME job explaining things. He gave me all the tools I needed to be more independent once I felt ready. I've worked with coaches in the past who told me to do things "just because" but that's not the case with Marcus. He explained everything so well that I stepped away with real knowledge I can apply to my everyday life. He was also very encouraging and supportive. I never felt silly for asking questions because Marcus was so personable and helpful throughout my time training with him. The workouts were tailored to my individual needs and the nutrition part was too. I didn't feel like I was "dieting" yet I saw progress not only in the areas I was hoping for, but also in my overall strength. I'm excited to continue applying the tools and knowledge Marcus gave me moving forward!" 

~ Kelsey P.


"Marcus has a thorough knowledge of exercise, building muscle, and nutrition. I highly recommend {him}."


~Frank Ciskovsky



As a recently graduated division 1 athlete, I have struggled with staying lean and athletic. Marcus’s program helped me gain my muscle back, as well as get leaner and tone out some of my problem areas. Marcus’s check-ins and constant availability is what makes this program so great. Whenever I had questions or concerns, Marcus responded in a matter of minutes with feedback, answers, and encouragement. This program has helped me both mentally and physically, the workouts have made me stronger and the meal plans have kept me accountable and have changed my relationship with good. Thank you Marcus!”


~Katie Rottman



" I talked to you about being embarrassed with my pictures I sent but really I'm happy I lost the weight I did and I'm changing my lifestyle fully. I know this stuff takes time so I try to see a positive in all the strides I make in this process. I got so quick to look at the physical change that I didn't see the mental and inner body changes that are actually really important."


~Brendan J.



"On 6/15 I weighed in at 241.8 lbs, the lightest I've been in....i can't even tell you. I was super pumped and felt great."


~Jon R.



"Honestly, i just wish I decided to start sooner rather than thinking all those 8 week bikini/holiday/different workout every day challenges I was doing would get me to where I am, it's been an eye opening experience and I'm really enjoying it."



~Sarah L.



"You seriously have simplified so much for me. It's great and doable....this has been the "easiest" way of lifestyle/mindset I've ever been in...I'm just so thankful."


~ Natalie S.



"I am happy to tell you that I am now down 12 lbs. from when I started with you. I notice that I am thinking less about how I look, and feeling more confident in myself. Seriously, thank you for all that you do. You guides that you sent out were fantastic and I am confident that I can continue the habits I have formed because of you. Thanks brother."



~ James T.