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Fitness Conqueror Blueprint

Marcus Rice's Premier Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Program

"Your nutrition guidance and workout program changed my life. My trip was incredible because I felt so confident in the dreaded bathing suit. I'm a client for life. Take all my money. I'm never leaving you!"

~ Lara J.

Who should apply?



I have crafted this 4-month program for busy, motivated, professional men and women (CEOs, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, lawyers, moms, dads, and everyone in between) who are in the swing of their adult life.

Men and women who have gotten so caught up in the busyness of life, career, family that they started to neglect their own health, fitness, and well-being. 

Deep down, you know you want better for yourself.


You're tired of being low on energy all the time.


You're sick of not being able to rock your favorite clothes with confidence.


You're ready to hop off the endless cycle of 6-week challenges, detoxes, diet fads, and whatever the next "Big Thing" is. You've tried too many of them and none of them worked.


You're done with feeling like you're drowning in the oceans of health information at your fingertips, and not knowing what is true and what isn't.


You know deep down that there must be a way to have the body and lifestyle you want in the midst of your insanely busy schedule.


You don't want to give up your social life and retreat into hermitage just to make progress on your fitness.


You have a suspicion that there should be a way to enjoy that Friday night pizza and beer while still being strong and lean.


You're tired of waking up in the morning and not loving what you see in the mirror. 


You're sick of feeling out of control every time you travel for work.


You want more than to be stuck in a place of lacking discipline but knowing that with the right accountability and support you could find it.


You've had enough of feeling like a bad example for those you really care about.


Whatever your exact reasons are, you’re hungry to take back full mastery of your health.


You're ready for a transformation.


Let’s make it happen

Your time is very valuable, as is mine, and I only work with individuals who truly want to seize ownership of their fitness. 

Hit the button below to take 2-3 minutes to fill out an application to work with me. You'll have the option to ask for a 15-20 minute phone call if you want it to help me understand what you need to take full control of your health and fitness - if I don't think we would be a great fit to work together, I'll tell you straight up. If you don't want the call you can opt out as well and just apply. No judgement from me either way. Click that button - my client Marissa did, and she has never looked back.



"Honestly, I've changed a lot since I met you. Changes in everything. First in mindset, then my body also changed, my habits, my lifestyle....I got so many things from fitness and from your coaching. If I look back, it seems unbelievable."

~Marissa J.

This Is Only For People Who Are  Serious

Here's the deal with my coaching program, though. Don't make the decision to apply for it lightly. I'll tell you upfront some requirements that I have for those who will become my clients:


  • They need to be hungry for results

  • They need to be 100% committed to the plan I craft for them

  • They need to do ALL of their tracking in a timely fashion (daily weigh-ins, monthly progress pics and measurements)

  • They must communicate well, no exceptions; this means filling out their weekly check-in by the end of the day every Sunday and emailing me with other updates and questions as needed

  • They need to NOT be excuse-makers, complainers, or quitters; I get results for my clients and these kinds of people won't have what it takes to hold up their end of the deal


All of these requirements are needed because a student-coach relationship is built on trust and communication, just like any other good relationship. You are not an inanimate object (not to state the obvious); you are a dynamic human being that has individual preferences and needs that change over time. Your plan, therefore, needs to be more than a cut-and-dry PDF; it should be flexible as well and I need to be kept up-to-date if I am going to be able to make the needed adjustments to ensure your success.


Unlike a lot of other coaches and trainers out there, there will be no fluff in my program. I will streamline and simplify it as much as possible; every single detail in it is important and placed there for a purpose. I firmly believe that fitness should enrich your life and not take away from it by being overly complicated and time-consuming. I will give you no more or less than what is needed.


Because of the high-quality, professional, and results-oriented nature of my coaching, it is not cheap. If you want a cheap option, then you can hire some Instagram "guru" who will give you the same PDF they gave to the last 10 customers who left dissatisfied and wanting a refund. The price is, however, very reasonable and competitive for the immense value you will receive. You are paying for results, and results are what you will get. It is still a much more affordable and comprehensive option than hiring an in-person trainer to be a glorified babysitter for you in the gym without overseeing your nutrition and other habits that are so crucial to creating the lifestyle you desire (I say that as someone who has done lots of in-person training). The application will give you more of an idea of pricing.

Still Not Sure If This Is For You?

Not quite sure still if the Sculpted Lifestyle Blueprint is the coaching program you're looking for? If you're not wanting any of these things below, then it probably isn't:


  • A wise mentor to guide you in the ways of the force (ok more like fitness and nutrition) like Yoda did with Luke

  • A way to sort through the overwhelming amounts of information available to you and know what it takes to truly take ownership of your health

  • A clear, custom path forward to finally attain the healthy, well-sculpted, strong body you've always wanted in the midst of your crazy busy life

  • The best ways to shred unwanted body fat so that it doesn't come back

  • Optimal methods for strategically packing on muscle in all the right places

  • A proper understanding of nutrition and how to leverage it to reach your goals (this is where so many people fail)

  • The ability to achieve the results you've been looking for while still enjoying your favorite foods in moderation

  • Maintaining your social life and still enjoying an adult drink here and there while succeeding in fitness

  • Tips for how to travel and still make progress

  • Feeling better than you have ever felt before

  • Looking better than you have ever looked before

  • Regaining confidence in your body and the amazing gift that it is

  • A streamlined, simplified plan that fits with your current schedule

  • An actual, real-life fitness expert to support you, hold you accountable, make tweaks as needed, and share your struggles and victories with. My team and I care and will be there for you - we're more than just a PDF


If you're ready to finally have fitness enrich your life, rather than consume it, then hit the button below to apply. Katie did:

“As a recently graduated division 1 athlete, I have struggled with staying lean and athletic. Marcus’s program helped me gain my muscle back, as well as get leaner and tone out some of my problem areas. Marcus’s check ins and constant availability is what makes this program so great. Whenever I had questions or concerns, Marcus responded in a matter of minutes with feedback, answers, and encouragement. This program has helped me both mentally and physically, the workouts have made me stronger and the meal plans have kept me accountable and have changed my relationship with good. Thank you Marcus!”


~Katie Rottman, Client

Here Is What You Will Receive

At this point you're probably wondering what the Sculpted Lifestyle Blueprint includes. Of course you are. Before you make an investment in something as serious as your health, body, and lifestyle, it is crucial that you find out what you're getting - with how busy you are, every decision matters. Here is what it entails:


  • Full email access to me and my team for guidance

  • A holistic, minimalist plan designed to give you maximal results with the least amount of work needed to save you time

  • Customized, periodized, multi-phased, strategic workouts

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Personal calories and macros (if needed) with adjustments

  • Sample meal templates fit to your needs

  • Habit/lifestyle coaching

  • Access to my private app - no more fumbling with printed PDFs

  • Convenient access to my coaching on your smartphone

  • Exercise video library

  • Accountability

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Help you recalibrate your understanding of what your body needs 

  • Emphasis on educating you how to take charge of your fitness so you can succeed on your own for the rest of your life

  • The end of confusedly sorting through internet rumors

  • A clear path forward to reach your fitness goal with an expert to help you know when to turn left or right



Ok now I'm out of breath. Give me a second.


I bet in just those few breaths, objections have already started rushing into your mind, and I have a pretty good idea about what they might be. I've heard the whole spectrum before.  


I understand. I would feel doubts if I were in your shoes as well. It's human nature.


If you're serious about transforming your body, mindset, and lifestyle in a sustainable way, then click that button below to apply for a phone call with me to discuss working together. Any objections, questions, or worries you have can be brought up then.


Only apply if you are hungry, committed, and ready to invest time and money (very reasonable, doable amounts of both) into your health. This is not a cheat code. It is based on timeless, evidence-based principles that require discipline and hard work to implement. Getting the body and lifestyle you want won't come easy, as is true with all good things worth having - you have to get in the arena and test yourself. If you stick to the plan, refuse to give up, and keep fighting, you'll come out on the other side a conqueror.


Hit that button. Join the ever-growing family of conquerors who have taken ownership of their fitness and lifestyle and never looked back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


To your success,

Marcus Rice

The Fitness Yoda

(not as green though)


Michael tested himself...this is what happened:


Here's More of What People Are Saying...

"Working with Marcus has been a complete learning experience. Not only did he help me relearn how to eat in a way that is sustainable and still enjoyable but he also helped me work towards fat loss/muscle gain through exercises that made me feel stronger and more confident. Marcus was always there to answer any questions I had and did an AWESOME job explaining things. He gave me all the tools I needed to be more independent once I felt ready. I’ve worked with coaches in the past who told me to do things “just because” but that’s not the case with Marcus. He explained everything so well that I stepped away with real knowledge I can apply to my everyday life. He was always very encouraging and supportive. I never felt silly for asking questions because Marcus was so personable and helpful throughout my time training with him. The workouts were tailored to my individual needs and the nutrition part was too. I didn’t feel like I was “dieting” yet I saw progress not only in the areas I was hoping for, but also in my overall strength. I’m excited to continue applying the tools and knowledge Marcus gave me moving forward!"


~Kelsey, Client

"I felt really confident this week in how my legs/butt were looking!!"

~ Katie, Client

"Those new workouts you have me doing are no joke, way harder than I expected- in a good way. I don’t think my glutes have ever hurt this much- lovin it!"


~Sarah, Client

"I talked to you about being embarrassed with my pictures I sent but really I'm happy I lost the weight I did and I'm changing my lifestyle fully. I know this stuff takes time so I try to see a positive in all the strides I make in this process. I go so quick so look at the physical change that I didn't see the mental and inner body changes that are actually really important."

~Brendan, Client

"On 6/15 I weighed in at 241.8 lbs, the lightest I’ve been in…I can’t even tell you. I was super pumped and felt great."

~ Jon, Client