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My name is Marcus Rice and I want to personally welcome you to my website. Somehow in the grand scheme of your life you have stumbled upon it, and that means congratulations are in order.


"Well thanks for that, but why?" You're probably thinking right about now.


Because on a massive scale never before seen in the history of the galaxy, the fitness of the people has fallen into disarray. There is no balance to the Force - it is rife with chaos, and the Dark Side has grown very strong. 


Star Wars references aside for a moment, we live in a world that is more sedentary than it has ever been. People go to work and sit in their cubicles, offices, and coffee shops for hours on end. They transport from point A to B while sitting in cars, subways, and planes. The days of sweating in the farm fields and roaming far and wide to gather berries and hunt game (spoiler alert: not a vegan) are long gone for most of us; now we just hop into a car and drive to the nearest grocery store or Chipotle.


Now, I'm as grateful for Chipotle as the next man, but this vast shift to a sedentary lifestyle that our society has been slowly undergoing needs to be compensated for. The human body is incredible - fearfully and wonderfully designed - but it was created to be strong, and to move, lift, run, stretch, squat, lunge, hinge, push, pullcarry, and much more. The combined effect of less movement, dwindling strength, and the ease of access to unhealthy, energy-dense foods has caused an alarming increase in obesity, absence of muscle, and overall lack of fitness and health that is linked to all kinds of diseases, increased mortality rates, and decreased human flourishing.


Unfortunately, that's not the only problem at hand. In the age of the internet and social media, we have a crisis of information. The problem is not there is too little, mind you, but that there is too much. And much of it is wrong. It is an ever-growing monster with more and more ugly heads rearing themselves every day, as new imposters move into the fitness and health space to exploit your fitness needs in order to make a quick buck.


It is not all bad. There are lots of good fitness and health professionals as well, but people like you are left to sort through more confusing, conflicting information than you know what to do with. Many of you have spent more money than you want to remember on fads and gimmicks that never gave you lasting results, or are in a state of paralysis about what step to take next because you don't know who or what to trust.


And that is why I congratulated you. Because you have now come to the end of your journey through the perilous land of misinformation.

I provide daily, useful, evidence-based, simplified, practical information FOR FREE to an audience of over 75,000 people just like you on my social media and email channels, training them to take ownership of their fitness, nutrition, and health in a way they never have before - melting unwanted fat, building sculpted muscle in all the right ways, and fueling their body with the proper quality and quantity of foods.

I am committed to helping you cut through the scams, destroy your bad habits, live a healthy lifestyle, and conquer your fitness and lifestyle once and for all, not to mention push back the Dark Side of the Force.

A Fitness Yoda, if you will.

On top of my free content, I also created a high-quality, paid 1-on-1 coaching program called the Sculpted Lifestyle Blueprint for wannabe Jedi - those who have come to the end of their rope and want extra support, accountability, and guidance to transform their body, lifestyle, and mindset. A clear path through the fog.

Why do I care about the health fiasco our society is currently in?

Well, lots of reasons, but the short of it is that I just do. The long of it - ? If you follow my content and read my emails you will learn more about my story, but I have been fascinated with fitness since I was 11. I played lots of sports growing up, especially basketball, which culminated in a scholarship to take my (limited) talents to a small college. Throughout my sports career I suffered from chronic back injuries and eventually a severely herniated disk in college. I also dealt with crippling insecurity in my journey as a scrawny, 6'3'' boy growing up.

In a nutshell, all of those factors led to me to become very interested in the marvel and gift that is the human body - how to make it strong and athletic, how to stop injuries before they happen, and how to sculpt it by packing on muscle and torching unwanted fat.

I graduated from college with honors and a degree in Exercise Science, but more than that I had a conviction that our body is something wonderful and sacred - a Temple created by God to be grateful for, cared for, and treated with respect.

After a thoughtful senior year of college, I decided to pass up on a promising PhD and career in physical therapy to start my own fitness and health business, Conquer Training.

I am now on a mission to help 1 million + people conquer their fitness in a way they never have before by teaching timeless, ancient principles of nutrition, movement, and lifestyle that are being overlooked today by so many.

Thank you for reading this far. Please, have a look around my website, follow me on your preferred social channels (I am most active on Instagram and Twitter), and jump on my email list by downloading one of my free gifts. I promise to bring more nerdy references, humor, and lots of value.

Here's to your success,
Marcus Rice
The Fitness Yoda
(Less green though and a bit taller)  




"Thank you I love your page...I am a big fan of you...thanks for all your help."

~ Patricia C.

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"Hey Marcus, just wanted to thank you for taking time and making these wonderful posts. They have really helped me with my fitness journey and everyday I keep learning something new. I'm glad to see you help people who want to get into fitness and make it a lifestyle. Loads of love from India."

~ Ajay K.

"Your content gives me life and encourages me every day. you are doing great things helping others out with your knowledge, thank you. Love that you care."

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"Grateful for the info you're putting out there because it's making a world of difference in what is often a very confusing fitness industry."

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~ Instagram follower

"Hey Marcus, just wanted to thank you for taking time and making these wonderful posts. They have really helped me with my fitness journey and everyday I keep learning something new. I'm glad to see you help people who want to get into fitness and make it a lifestyle. Loads of love from India."

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